National Painting Service LLC. takes your health and safety seriously. We encourage those of you who have property built before 1979 that does not have a deluding certificate, to take some time to look over this information.

Lead-Safe Renovations

To read the EPA's full guide to lead safety and your rights regarding lead safety, click on the image above.

Contractors and painters who have not been trained in lead safety renovation or who do not follow lead-safe work practices on materials containing lead can cause lead dust to spread throughout your property.

Lead paint was a legal material often used in the construction of houses prior to 1978. In 1978 lead paint was made illegal because of the health hazard it poses to humans when exposed to lead. Sanding and scrapping are important to the process of preparing the surface you want to be painted, however this causes dust and debris which may contain lead if you home has not been de-leaded. which is why it is important for property owners to hire contractors and painters like National Painting Service.

Enforcement of EPA’s Renovation Repair and Painting Rule (RRP) in the state of Massachusetts, has been delegated to the Department of Labor Standards (DLS) under DLS’ Lead-Safe Renovation regulations (454 CMR 22.00)

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