Exterior Painting

​​​First Impressions

We all have the room we stuff things in when visitors come, to make our houses look immaculate. But where can we stash our exterior? National Painting offers the quality service you need to love your home every time you come back to it and every time someone sees it and expresses amazement! The possibilities are endless with the services we have to make your exterior look like a new home.

• Paint or Staining, exterior or porches & decks

• Wood restoration

• Remedy Surface issues such as:

        • Efflorescence (whiskers)

        • Peeling

        • Bubbling

        • Caulking

        • Sealing

• ​Metal finishing​

• Minor Carpentry

• Power Washing

​How We Give You The Best Exterior Job

​Chasing the right color in the right shade is crucial, a quality paint will look better and last longer especially when applied by qualified professionals, but the best results rely on prep, prep and more prep. National Painting's service stands out because we believe in the very best surface preparation work.

Many factors play into the decay of the exterior of your property. Apart from New England's notorious extreme fluctuating weather patterns, there is mold, vegetation & dirt, vehicle exhaust and other pollutants that are the culprits in deteriorating your property's exterior. This is why a significant amount of time is spent preparing your surface, and it may feel like nothing is happening while we are making sure the surface is properly prepared (rest assured projects come together much faster after surface preparation!). What is found remaining is the perfect blank canvas to make your property's exterior stunning!

It takes a long time sanding, scraping, power washing and stripping to make sure dirt, old paint and other particles are not present on the surface when we paint it. Paint and stains will come out blotchy, uneven, bumpy and will peal quickly if the surface has been poorly prepared and the cost for painting your exterior just went up by a whole other exterior job. We spend every minute we have to on surface prep to give you the most beautiful long-lasting paint job, and we know how much customers appreciate living in the weather roller-coaster that is New England, to have their exterior looking great after surviving blizzards, hurricanes, heat waves or salt water.