Kitchens, The Heart of the Home

America's increasing love for home cooking and socializing has made kitchens one of the most popular home renovations. 

Whether you're hosting the holidays, your children's sports team, birthdays, baking treats, family sit-down meals, soirées, sports game viewings or having a lively discussion over drinks or snacks, kitchens have become the heart of the home which is why we dedicated a special section to our kitchen work.

After all it's where all those memories happen, and National Painting Service wants to help you transform your kitchen into a beautiful space to make all those memories the very best.

 There is no end to the styles and renovations that can be made and we provide the painting service that will help you find that perfect color that will bring the look of your kitchen together.

 Cabinet Refinishing & Painting

Depending on the look you are going for, National Painting offers hand paint or spray. Hand painting gives a more rustic feel that is popular with colonial restorations and farm house style, for example. Those who would like to achieve a more sleek, polished, or modern designs may prefer the paint to be applied with a sprayer. The quality of each is equal, it is just a matter of your personal taste.

. Cabinets are removed for refinishing work. This allows us to sand properly, which is intensive and vital in refinishing. It also allows us to apply the stain paint, glaze or specialty option more evenly without getting it on any unwanted surfaces.  When the new finish has dried, the cabinets are installed. 

**Before beginning any cabinet work, be prepared for your kitchen, or other room receiving cabinet refinishing work, to be unusable during the job.